Corporate Expansion

Since 1975, SUN OWN also known as ATUNAS has been working tirelessly in developing products for outdoor activities and water sports products, fitness equipment and foam material. Meanwhile, SUN OWN is also operating the ATUNAS Holiday Country in Chiayi County. In 2013, the ATUNAS Outdoor and Sports Foundation was established to support various domestic and international outdoor activities. Healthy and positive outdoor spirits is a part of our enterprises culture, and we want to continue developing the international market and promote the ATUNAS brand. Over the years, ATUNAS has won the Taiwan Excellence Award, the Golden Pin Design Award and Sports Activist Award to provide consumers with better products and services.


The Corporate Core of “The Legend of the Tuna”

What does ATUNAS mean? There is a fun story behind the name of ATUNAS: it is taken from the word, “Tuna”, as the fish is so full of vitality and yummies. The founder of the company who loves fishing and this fish so much that he praises the fish often as “Ah! Tunas!”, and then ATUNAS was born.

Behind this fun story was a company who started with the production of various EVA water sports products since 1984. During this early stage, the founder described it was more like a pelagic fish fighting in the wide ocean. This spirit has also made us understand the consumers’ needs of safe water sports equipment. Tuna also represents the close ties of ATUNAS family as everyone dedicates their efforts and enthusiasm and strives to provide customers with quality products and services.


The Water of Atunas - The Functional Foaming Business

Since its establishment in 1975, Atunas started from producing beach slippers and professional aquatic products and specialized in the production of EVA products and selling them globally. People all over the world used our equipment during holidays to enjoy the beach, waves, sunshine and nature with their entire family!

Atunas’ foam business has an excellent design and development tea that uses using a number of patented technologies to produce lightweight, low-density, easy-to-process materials that are widely used in buoyancy aids, footwear, athletic training equipment, cushioned packaging, acoustic insulation, electrical conduction, heat retention, flame retardant products and various environmentally friendly foam materials. Atunas has been committed to the development of high-tech foam materials and molding technology over the years and the quality of our products has been recognized. We have successfully developed breakthrough high-tech foam materials with shock resistant qualities and we continue to develop innovative materials and products such as temperature-responsive shaping materials.


The Mountain of Atunas - Outdoor and Leisure Apparel and Gears

In 1986, Atunas officially began involvement in a wide range of outdoor and recreational products by producing products that appropriately meet the needs of people in Taiwan and was an agency for foreign and professional high-quality products to improve the quality of outdoor experiences. Atunas Outdoor and Recreational Clothing and Products has more than 60 channels in Central and Southern Taipei and in major department stores and street stores to provide products such as mountaineering equipment, camping equipment, outdoor professional clothing, supplies and recreational travel products. These professionally designed and tested Atunas outdoor products have allowed plenty of people in Taiwan to safely and comfortably explore the most beautiful mountains and forests of Taiwan and take in the gentle breeze, the sounds of mother nature, and enjoy life!


The Holidays of Atunas - The Atunas Holiday Country

In 1990, the “Atunas Holiday Country” in the upstream of the Zengwen Reservoir in Chiayi County Dapu Township was officially opened for business to further combine recreation and daily life. Known for its natural and beautiful environment, the resort has nature-style cabins and comfortable European-style villas along with ecological tours, gourmet delicacies, enthusiastic services. Atunas Holiday Country has allowed countless visitors to easily realize their dream of living in the mountains and enjoying life at the resort!


All-round Atunas - Your Friend for the Outdoors

After nearly 50 years of experience, in addition to providing various outdoor and recreational, Atunas hopes to give back to society as an enterprise. In August 2012, the Company founded the “Atunas Outdoor and Sports Foundation” to support the promotion of safe outdoor activities such as mountaineering, cycling, water activities. The Foundation’s outstanding achievements have been recognized with the “Sports Activist Award Gold Class” by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education for many years.

Only Taiwanese People understand what Taiwanese People Need
Growing up in a family that loves outdoor activities, Chairman Chen Kun followed his parents as they explored the mountains and seas since he could remember and started to have a passion for the outdoors. This background helped 程鯤 look towards running a “healthy brand” that belonged to the outdoors of Taiwan after he entered the workforce.

More than 70% of Taiwan is mountainous and the island is surrounded by the sea. Chen Kun, who loves the outdoor life and Taiwan’s ecology, has climbed Taiwan’s highest peak, Mountain Jade (3,952m), a total of 12 times. He personally led the Atunas Seven Summit Mountaineering Team to get started on the Seven Summit Project and climbed Mount Elbrus (5,642m), the highest peak in Europe. Chen Kun believes that experiencing it personally and contacting consumers on the front line is the only way for the Company to truly meet the needs of the consumers. Atunas has set up store locations throughout Taiwan and organizes various outdoor activities to help people get closer to nature every year. The Company explores the forests in person during the holidays to see/listen to consumers through a vast range of channels and develop better outdoor products.

Atunas loves adventures and likes to explore the vitality of mother nature. For Chen Kun, “Atunas” is the combination of a love for Taiwan along with his own interests and preferences, and then the combination is realized through practical action to create a professional brand that is most suitable for Taiwan’s environment and the needs of Taiwan’s outdoor enthusiasts.

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